General care
– Take care of our property. The cost of maintenance and repairs paid by the Association.
– There is damage to the House or in common areas reporting it to the caretaker or to the Board of Directors, forms can be found under my pages.

-Do not release into unknown persons on the premises.
-Be careful with fire. You must not smoke in public areas.
-Don't forget to sign a housing addition to your home insurance
-Detects you vermin in your apartment sign immediately to the Board.
-Please Notify your neighbors or the Board if you are out of town for a long time.

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If you want to make an application for parking space, contact the Board. P-site payable to the Association on the last banking day of the month.

We recommend using direct debit or invoice via e-mail. Questions regarding payment of P-site contact:

Kristoffer Pernvik at Nordic Life
Tel 070-212 34 00
E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is not allowed to rent out his parking space in the other hand. Parking at the södersidan of the property on Nonnensgatan.



Our common patio arbor you will find on the back


There is possibility to barbecue in the arbor at the rear of the property. The grill is available in the repository on the short side of the property at A sunrise. You are responsible for the charcoal and lighter fluid and to clean for you.

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Bicycle, moped, stroller and walker
Bicycles and mopeds are store in the basement or in the bike rack in front of the property.
You should not place strollers or walkers in the entrances.

Cleaning Days
Twice a year the Society organises cleaning days where we hope and want all the members contribute at work.

We remind you that it is the responsibility of all members to be active and contribute to the Association's work and create comfort. To participate on cleaning days is a way to contribute to the Association's best.

Summer and winter maintenance
Gardening such as lawn mowing and plantations operated regularly by our caretakers Claes-Otto Wikloff.Snow removal and sanding are managed as needed by our care takers.

Environmentally conscious waste disposal on Bögatan 43

We are an environmentally conscious organization sorting our garbage and leaves them in the recycling station at Business Center Bögatan. The Association pays per kilo for draining of household waste which  is a significant cost to the Association. Cost of compostable waste is significantly lower.

To think about

  • Keep trash areas as clean as possible.
  • Make sure the garbage gets into the proper receptacles and certainly not on the side of them, or outside garbage rooms.
  • Keep in mind that trash easily attract vermin and that the doors should remain closed.
  • Remember, separate household waste and biohazard waste when you throw your garbage in the sopkärls House.
  • Trash rooms are our sop master workplace, we don't want to subject them to unnecessary extra work or risk of injury.
  • Garbage sorting is important for the environment and also affects the cost of the Association's garbage collection.
  • Defects must be notified immediately.

Just across the street: Pizzeria Bte business centre





Foot care, flower shop, betting shop, Thai restaurant,Pizza)
and Pace foods.Recycling site with gable on Bte business
center and tram stop.





Tram No. 5 (red) goes from Bögatan Northeast
directly to Östra Sjukhuset. 
change at Kålltorp to No. 3 (blue) starts there
and goes to the Centralstation and then Brunnsparken.

Tram 5 also goes from Bögatan to the South via
the Liseberg amusement park and the Swedish
exhibition centre to Centre (Brunnsparken).
Streetcar West to Liseberg.



Recycling Site





At the recovery site at Bögatan, you can leave the newspapers,batteries and all your packs of paper, plastic, glass and metal. Photo: Frank Palm






Recycling Centers

AVC webb




 At recycling centres, you can leave the most
 types of bulky waste. 
 Photo: Frank Palm

Nearest recycling center at Sävenäs