General care
– Take care of our property. The cost of maintenance and repairs paid by the Association.
– There is damage to the House or in common areas reporting it to the caretaker or to the Board.

You and your neighbors
It is very sensitive in the property and try to take this into account in the greatest possible extent. It comes in the apartment but also in our common areas such as in stairwells and laundry room.

-Keep in mind the volume of the television, radio and stereo.
-Do you have party inform your neighbors before.

Rules apply 24 hours a day but is extra important to follow from 22.00-07.00.


Wind cellars and passage ways:

To your apartment is an attic and a basement storage. - Keep aisles free due to security reasons. - Switch off the lights in the attic and cellar spaces when you go from there.

Cleaning of staircases are made regularly on a monthly basis by our caretakers.

Keys and door locks:

Code to the door lock can be found under our newsletter


For each apartment there are three keys. Are you wondering about something or need a duplicate key contact Key Manager 

X Xxxx and can be reached at

phone no. 000-00 00 00 or at email address xx @ xx.


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The Mail room is in the basement level of the rise (B) and (C)

The record respects if you provided your mail box with the text "no advertising" but free newspapers  and other advertising dispensers cannot be prevented.



Make sure your front door is locked and cellar doors go off without a hitch after entry or exit.

Do not leave the attic or basement doors unlocked.






Our shared laundry and drying room in the basement of the rise (C).

Respect the washing times with respect to those who live in the apartments above. For everyone to be able to benefit from the common washing areas, it is important that everyone takes part and follow the below rules. Submit the laundry room well cleaned and in the condition that you want to find it in. Don't forget to clean the filter in the dryer and drying aggregates. Do not forget to "Park" your booking engine when you exercised your laundry time. If the booked laundry room not starting wash within one hour after the start time will someone else take laundry time. If you want dryer after the washing time will you get along with the wash after. Damage or defects in machines and other equipment must be reported in the bug report.


Laundry room with two washing machines and a dryer:



                                                   Drying room with ropes and drying aggregates