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 Fire safety in apartmentent

Protect yourself against fire

 A fire alarm without battery is no smoke alarms

Entered into force on 1 January 2004 a new Law on protection against accidents in the force, which replaced the emergency service teams.

The law means that the Brf Bögatan43 as property owners to

  • work systematically with fire protection
  • do everything we can to prevent that, it starts to burn
  • provide information on evacuation routes

The Association would also like to inform members about certain harm reduction measures that can be taken if an accident should occur.

Systematic fire prevention precautions

The Association has chosen to engage in the systematic fire prevention precautions by

  • conduct an annual fire safety inspection
  • Janitors regularly inspects the port gains and public areas
  • ensure that escape routes are correctly marked and documented
  • inform about the fire protection requirements
  • ensure that the members should have a good understanding of the importance of fire protection so that all can contribute to a good security

Specific areas of risk and risk behaviors

The Board particularly wish to provide information on the following specific areas of risk and risk behaviors:

1) Nothing shall be stored or placed in public areas as stairwells, floors, garages and cellar aisles, etc.
Set the goods pose a greater fire hazard and can complicate or make a safe evacuation and an efficient rescue effort.

There are countless examples in society where people seemingly inexplicably have started fires in the port and in stairwells. It is not found in the corridors is also not possible to light on.

2) It is absolutely forbidden to use charcoal grills on the balconies.
Burning/Ember pose a significant fire hazard.

3) doors of floors, staircases, basement hallways and garages must not be set up.
The doors to prevent and delay the spread of a possible fire.


The Association has the overall responsibility for fire protection.

The individual can be held tp account for such condtions as may be considered to have caused or aggravated the injury.