General Meeting

Every year the Association holds an annual general meeting where members go through previous years accounts and how the Board handled the administration. At the meeting, we choose Board members and deciding on issues which the Board or the individual members have put forward to the general meeting.

 Statutes and general meeting

Bylaws of the Brf. Bögatan 43

Corporate identity number 769615-1880

Adopted 2006-08-22

§ 1 name of Association
The Association's business name (name of Association) is the Housing Association Bögatan 43.

§ 2 Purpose and activities
The Association has the purpose to promote their members ' economic interests by in our House lease apartments for members for use without limitation in time. A member right of the Association, because of such a grant, called the condominium. A member who holds a condominium called housing rights holders.

§ 3 The registered office
The Association's Board of Directors has its registered office in Göteborg municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden.

§ 4 Financial year and annual accounts
The Association's fiscal year covers the period 1 January to 31 december. At least one month before the annual general meeting, the Board will issue an annual report to the Auditors. This should include income statement, balance sheet and the annual report.

§ 5 Notice of general meeting
The Board convenes general meeting. Notice of a general meeting shall contain a statement of the issues to occur. The summons shall be issued not earlier than four weeks before and not later than two weeks prior to the annual general meeting, and no later than one week prior to the extraordinary general meeting.

The summons must be issued by a personal invitation to all members through dividends or letter in the mail.

Other messages to members posted at the appropriate location within the Association's property or is sent out that letter.

§ 6 Cases of ordinary general meeting
At an ordinary general meeting, the following matters:

  1. election of Chairman of the meeting and election of Chairman of the meeting notification protocol driver
  2. approval of the electoral register
  3. election of one or two persons to verify the minutes
  4. the question whether the general meeting has been declared properly
  5. adoption of the agenda
  6. the Board's annual report and the Auditors ' report
  7. Decision on adoption of the income statement and balance sheet and about how the profit or the loss according to the  adopted 
balance sheet should be appropriated
  8. the decision on the discharge to the members of the Management Board
  9. the issue of remuneration to directors and Auditors
10. decision on the number of Board members and Deputy Board members to be selected
11. election of Board members and deputy members of the Board of Directors
12. election of Auditors and any Deputy Auditors
13. election of Nomination Committee

14. other issues to be raised at the general meeting by law if economic associations or the Association's statutes.

§ 7 Member voice
At the general meeting, each Member has one vote. If several members hold a tenant in common, however, they have together only one vote.

A member right at the general meeting shall be exercised by the member personally, or the Member's representative under the law or by proxy. A representative should present a written, dated proxy. The power of Attorney is valid for a maximum of one year from the time it was issued. A representative may only represent a member. A member may take no more than one counsel at the general meeting. For a natural person applies to only one other Member or the Member's spouse, partner, parents, siblings or children may be assisted or represented.

§ 8 Board
The Board consists of not less than three and not more than 7 Board members with not less than 1 and not more than three deputies.

Board members and Deputy Board members are selected annually for the period up to the end of the next annual general meeting.

§ 9 Auditor
For review of the Association's annual report and accounts and the Board's management appointed one or two auditors, with not more than two Deputy Auditors of the annual general meeting for the period up to the end of the next annual general meeting.

If the Auditors has made specific remarks in his report to the Board submit a written statement of objections to the ordinary general meeting.

§ 10 Bet and annual fee
The Board approves stake and the annual fee for each apartment. If an effort is to be changed must always be decided by the general meeting.

The annual fee for an apartment are calculated so that, in relation to the apartment's effort, will bear their share of the costs, and amortization and provision of funds. The annual fee is paid on a monthly basis and in advance no later than the last working day before each new monthly beginning.

The Board of Directors may decide that the portion of the annual fee which relates to compensation for each apartment, heat, hot water, electricity, sanitation or drinking water can be calculated according to consumption or surface.

§ 11 Other fees
The Association can carry out leasing fee, transfer fee and a fee subject to a decision by the Board of pantsättnings.Lease fee is a separate charge that the Association may charge along with bet, when housing rights are licensed for the first time.

For work on release of a condominium, the Association of the owner will be charged a transfer fee by an amount equal to or less than 2,5% of the price base amount pursuant to lagen (1962: 381) on general insurance.

For work at the pledging of the condominium, the Association of the owner charge a pantsättnings fee of 1% or less of the price base amount.

The Association may otherwise not charge special fees for the Association to take measures in response to the law.

§ 12 Maintenance
The Board shall establish a maintenance plan for the implementation of the maintenance of the society's House and annually establish a budget to be able to take a decision on the annual fee and ensure the necessary means to ensure the maintenance of the House and each year inspect the Association's property.

§ 13 Funds
Within the compound to form a Fund for exterior maintenance and a reserve fund. Allocation to the Fund for exterior maintenance should be carried out in accordance with approved maintenance plan under section 12. The surplus arising on the Association's activities will be allocated to expand the Fund.

§ 14 Housing rights holder's responsibility
The owner shall at its own expense, to the Interior, keeping the apartment and other premises in good condition. With responsibility comes in both maintenance and repair obligations. Housing rights holder's responsibilities also include land, if included in the charge. He is also required to comply with the Association's rules and decisions relating to the management of the land. The Association is responsible for the maintenance of the House otherwise.

To the Interior included:
a room's walls, floor and ceiling
– furnishing of kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces that belong to the apartment– glass in Windows and  doors
– the apartment's outer and inner doors.

The owner is responsible for the painting of innersidor by the arches and frames, but not for the painting of based on visible parts of the external surface of the exterior doors and external Windows fitted, nor for other maintenance than painted radiators and water fixtures or fittings for plumbing, heating, gas, electricity, ventilation and water Association provided the apartment with.

The owner is not responsible for repairs of the wiring for plumbing, heating, gas, electricity, water and ventilation as the Association provided the apartment with and who earn more than an apartment.

For repairs due to fire and water damage meets the owner only if the damage caused by own fault or negligence or neglect of any belonging to his household or visiting him or by someone else whom he housed in apartment or that there doing work on his behalf. This applies mutatis mutandis if there are vermin in the apartment.

In the case of fire damage which the owner himself is not liable for what has been said now only if the owner failed in the care and supervision that he should comply with.

Housing Association may undertake to carry out such maintenance tasks, which the owner should respond to. A decision will be taken at the general meeting and may

relate only to actions performed in connection with major maintenance or reconstruction of the houses, affecting housing rights holder's apartment.

§ 15 Change in apartment
The owner shall not, without the Board's permission, in the apartment, make changes in structure, changes in existing pipes for plumbing, heating, gas or water, or other significant change in the apartment. The Management Board may not refuse to give consent unless the action is for tangible harm or inconvenience to the Association.

§ 16 Subleasing
The owner shall not without the permission of the Board grant the apartment in the other hand. The Board may, however, in some cases, allow for subletting. The Board can give consent if:

The owner due to age, illness, temporary work elsewhere, special family circumstances or comparable conditions have noteworthy reason for leasing and that the Board of Directors does not have valid reason to refuse consent. The Board's permission to be limited to specific time and can be combined with conditions.

The Board would not give the owner the right to rent out the apartment in the other hand, the owner may apply to lease the Board so that they can determine if the applicant has such a right. The Board shall meet the rent Board's decision.

§ 17 transfer of condominium
As the owner of a condominium in the condominium association owner may at any time assign it. Purchase and sale of housing rights should be made in writing. For a purchase to be valid is required to document specifies price, which apartment purchase and that it be signed by the seller and the buyer. The owner is required to submit a certified copy of this contract to the Board at the same time as the purchaser makes an entry application to the Association as a member.

Please note that the purchaser must not stay in the apartment until membership is clear.

§ 18 Transfer/lease to legal person
The owner does not possess the right to assign, or lease apartments to the legal person. The Association has the right at all times to refuse a legal person (company, etc.), who acquired a residential apartment, regardless of content. adjudicates any disputes about membership

§ 19 Dissolution of the Association
If the Association is dissolved to hold assets accrue to members in proportion to the apartments ' efforts.

§ 20 Miscellaneous

  1. For matters not covered by these statutes in housing law, the law on cooperative societies as well as other applicable regulations.