Living in the condominium BoBR_3


Don't forget to sign a housing addition to your home insurance

Maintenance of your apartment
As a member, you are responsible for the maintenance of your apartment. What is included in your apartment and what you are responsible for maintaining the are described in its statutes. To the apartment is normally the apartment's floor, walls and ceiling, decor in the kitchen and bathroom, glass and window frames as well as inner and outer doors. If something breaks, you are responsible to ensure that it be repaired. It is particularly important that you watch over your floor wet rooms.

Changes in your apartment

You may make minor changes in your apartment, such as adding new floors, put up new cabinets or replace major appliances in the kitchen.

If you want to make more extensive changes, you must always contact the Board to get permission before getting started. For example, if you want to take down a wall, pull the new pipes in kitchens and bathrooms or extensive changes in wet areas. Sometimes it can also be build notification to take certain measures in the apartment.

To stay in the condominium means that together with the other members of the Housing Association owns and manages the Association's housing and communal facilities. You have a freehold to your apartment, which is unlimited in time, which means that you can only be terminated for abandonment if you do not pay established dues to the Association or seriously violates the Association's code of conduct for the accommodation. You have the right to sell your apartment for almost anyone and for any price. The Association can only oppose the transfer if the buyer is not well-behaved or have insufficient finances.

When it comes to subletting of apartments on special quite strict rules under the law on condominiums.
If you want to rent your apartment in the other hand, you must always contact the Board to get approval of the subletting. The request must be in writing and sent to our email address. In the request, please write why you want to rent out in the other hand, time period, as well as information on who to rent the apartment.


Transfer to new owner

If you want to sell your condominium, the Board must approve the buyer, i.e. the new Member.

Under existing law, the Board process the membership application within four weeks. However, the Board deals with applications as quickly as possible, but expect that it will take a least a few weeks.

- A copy of the credit report must be attached to the application for membership.
- When the transfer is based on an administrative fee equal to 2.5% of the price base amount. The fee charged to the buyer.
- The new Member agrees to abide by the Association's rules of order and comfort.