Financial managers

Since december 2011 is Nordiclife economic stewards of Brf Bögatan 43
Nordiclife makes annual reports for our Association. If you are a member of Brf Bögatan 43 can contact you directly to Nordic Life to utilize services such as delivery of qualitative craftsmen or discount on materials.
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To Claes-Otto Wikloff, you can turn on most of the issues concerning your apartment
Phone + 46 31-25 50 42
Mobile 0708-19 17 07

The Association has partnered with several skilled craftsmen if you need help in your apartment:

  • Painter – Ingvar j's Måleri AB, + 46 706-06 84 17
  • Flooring mechanic – Kimmo, all in Floor Väst AB, Tel: 0702-09 54 34
  • Electrician – Joakim Lindstrom, Lindstrom and B HB, Tel 0706-54 77 13

Janitors Claes-Otto Wikloff in contact with the various craftsmen whom he can communicate to you.