Error in the property/apartment

Janitors Claes-Otto Wikloff
Phone: 031-25 50 42
Mobile: 0708-19 17 07


Error in the property/apartment after office hours

If something happens to your property or the property after office hours, please contact Låsinväst
Phone + 46 31-21 04 00.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the residential right?

Note that it is housing the holder (member) responsible for and pay for most kinds of repairs and maintenance. It is the Member free to choose who will perform the repairs in the apartment, and if you want to pay any on-call allowances for repairs to be carried out on evenings and weekends.

A common misconception for stops in the sewers. A stop in the toilet or drain is almost never at a stop in the sewer lines without the stop in floor drains, strainers and traps in the apartment. Thus, the Member is responsible for and pay for any action. Member decides if he wants to clear himself, he may want to hire the plumber and whether it's worth an extra buck to the plumber should pull out immediately.